How reliable is your business data?

So, how are reliable is your enterprise data? Do you find that you end up comparing the KPIs and sales figures from different similar looking reports? Do you find it challenging to find the correct aggregates and groupings for your different business units? Do you find that you are unable to make a sound forecast on how much inventory to order for next month based on your historical sales?

If you on top of these challenges have to rethink you data strategy due to Covid 19, do join us to get new ideas and energy!

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Have you been caught off guard with the COVID 19 challenge?

Many enterprises were moving to the cloud, had the beginnings of data strategies, evolving AI and analytics project by end of 2019. Most would have had a roadmap, plan and an IT budget too. Then came the pandemic which has forced many enterprises to re -prioritize, rethink their strategies. Many have had to change their business models, innovate or become extinct. Consumer behavior changed drastically as well. Online sales exponentially increased. Leading to IT departments scrambling to scale up their infrastructure and capabilities. But, not everything can be solved by simply scaling up hardware or increasing compute power. The oil that makes the business machinery go around, that is, data , needs to be now processed at velocity and volume.

Business Insights, forecasting models became more important than ever. Ability to predict the monthly growth or even week to week sales growth became an operational nightmare. So what was the underlying weakness that got exposed during these tough times?

It was the lack of a sound reliable data governance and data quality framework.

Now if you are curious what does data quality have to do with expediting the data transformation, data access, data insights process.. Join us in the webinar!!

  • Why have a data strategy?
  • Data quality framework – What is it? Why do we need it?
  • Process that realize data quality which leads to reliable, credible data

Date: 3 Dec

Time: 10.00-10.45 CET

Location: Online



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