Application modernization
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Application modernization and innovation

Simply moving business applications from a traditional datacenter to the cloud will enable partial business benefits as cost reduction, elasticity and scalability but the real business value is unleashed when the business applications are modernized to start utilizing the power in the cloud.

Transforming organizational legacy application landscape will enable new ways to digitally do business, engage customers, spark innovation and differentiate the organization from its competitors.

Organizations adopting Azure and Office 365 together with the advanced features in Power Platform as automation and digital assistance will have a completely new set of features available at their fingertips to create new and compelling scenarios to drive digitization and enhance productivity.

At Enfo we use the power of the Microsoft cloud eco-system to accelerate our customers transformation and bringing them innovative and disruptive solutions. Resiliency and scalability can be built into the solutions in a way that's never been possible to do in a cost efficient way in a local data center.

By modernizing legacy applications to make use of capabilities in Azure and Office 365, we enable the organization to benefit from lower maintenance cost, increased functionality and quality within their application landscape.

Modernizing business applications in a future-proof way requires a solid architecture and plan on managing integrations and APIs over time for organizations to be successful and relevant in our new, digital world.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive expertise and experience with Microsoft technologies in the integration domain. We both build and run digital solutions and support you through the entire life cycle – from requirement to operations. It all starts with having your vision in place and doing the right integration and keeping the integration right over time.

Our approach for modern application development is to enable organizations to innovate rapidly by using cloud-native architectures, infuse the solutions with AI, DevOps support and built-in monitoring to accelerate time to market, increase reliability and security and in the end reducing costs in maintaining a business application landscape over time.

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