Modern ways of working

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Modern ways of working

The workplace as we know it, is no longer just a physical space where people gather during regular office hours. Our connected and always-on environment blurs the line between the physical office and the place where work really gets done and when it gets done.

At the same time, the demand for new business applications fueling a modern workplace experience is getting more advanced, consisting of interconnected cloud services like IoT sensors gathering telemetry and passing that to Azure, advanced analytics and AI to get business insight from the data, and then visualized and consumed in Teams or other Office 365 applications.

This means that a Modern workplace experience doesn’t just consist of just Office 365 and Windows 10 anymore. It’s an interconnected mesh of digital capabilities produced from multiple sources, bringing smart and connected experiences to the whole organization.

At Enfo we believe that creating a Modern workplace solution all starts with the personal experience, that unlocks the potential in new ways of working, new ways off collaborating, engaging the workforce and driving innovation, from anywhere and from any device.

We create workplace solutions based on Microsoft technology that enables adaptive workstyles empowering people to create a balance between work and personal life, which will strengthen organizations to be successful in retaining and attracting new talents in the future.

With organizations now operating with a higher degree of digital interaction between people in favor of physical, keeping the organization well informed is more important then ever. Our modern solutions to increase communication will govern inclusion, increase people's engagement and wellbeing, and create transparency within the organization.

An organization's ability to quickly turn data into insight and action is crucial for building a data driven culture. Telemetry within a modern workplace can unveil patterns impacting productivity and areas targeted for automation. Enfo builds solutions that helps organizations get smarter by insights and increase their productivity, strengthen customer loyalty and reduce their time to market.

Our goal is to help all customers in modernizing their workplace experience and enable effective collaboration withing their organization, unlocking the potential of new, intelligent and innovative services and products.

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